It’s a little over a year since the lovely chaps at Elliot Brown sent through my new Bloxworth. I went for the all black version, which I thought would suit my requirements best. When it arrived I was really impressed with the packaging and the different strap options it came with. I have a matching black metal bracelet, and two rubber straps – one in navy blue and one in orange. Unfortunately, the rubber straps would not fit around my wrist (not really a fault, because I do have oversized wrists), so I continued with the metal bracelet, which fitted perfectly and comfortably.

It hasn’t been off my wrist since I received it, and through all of the expeditions, presentations, tours and activities that have been thrown at it, the Bloxworth has endured through relatively unscathed. There is a welcome patina to it now, with all of the bashes and impacts it has received I am really happy it is still intact, and still looking smart. I have owned a number of other kinds of watch over the years, from G-Shocks to Suunto and a plethora of others. I think the most robust one lasted a whole year before the strap mountings failed. With the other watches, the glass simply smashed or the batteries had a life time of a few weeks, as well as a number of strap failures – sometimes resulting in losing the watch entirely.

I love how the watch looks, it isn’t showy, pretentious or glitzy – but it is smart, and looks well when I have to wear a suit, or indeed my expedition gear. I have worn it surfing and climbing, and not given it a second thought, unlike say some more super expensive or delicate time pieces a gentleman or lady could have. Compliments have always streamed in from self professed ‘watch fan’ friends of mine, who wouldn’t be seen dead without something on their wrist expensive enough for a deposit on a family home, which was nice. These ‘watch fans’ kept saying how good the movement was, and that it had a good weight to it. This obviously went above my head, as all I could compare it to was digital watches with a nod towards the robust. With a seal of approval from the ‘watch fans’ I carried on wearing it each day, and enjoying all of the little features and design accents that it has.

With a year gone by, I had a look around other watches on the market, and simply couldn’t find anything else I would rather have. Theres no faff with the Bloxworth – it tells me the time and date, looks good, and that’s all I need.

I give the Bloxworth a hearty 10/10, but I’m not a watch guy – just a normal guy who bashes it into all sorts of things on a daily basis. If you want robust and good looking enough for the ambassadors party – it’s the Bloxworth.


Sam Sykes

CEO Mammut Mountain School UK & Sam Sykes Ltd

Ambassador for Mammut, Vango and Nikwax.





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