Wild camping is an experience away from modern life. With nothing more than a simple sheet of nylon to shelter you from the elements. It can be one of the most liberating and inspiring adventures you can have in the mountains. On this two day expedition you will journey high into the mountains to a remote camping location and enjoy a night in the wild.

£160 per person

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Fully Equipped

This adventure is a fully equipped trip through the fantastic Lakeland fells.

Our expert instructors will meet you at a start location and will guide you this two day expedition.

Windproof jacket - Mammut Mountain School

Want to BE COMFORTABLE in the Wild?

We will teach you necessary skills to be comfortable in this environment. This experience allows you to connect with nature while enjoying quality time with friends.

This is a ideal for a group booking.


  • Duration: 2 days with one night wild camping
  • Level: Beginner to expert
  • Location: Lake District
  • Ratio: 1:6


As well as providing all of the highlighted equipment in the kit list, which is yours to test for the duration of the course, you will be looked after by some of the best instructors in the outdoor industry. 

Mammut Mountain School instructors and guides are hand picked for their extensive experience and knowledge in this area. All Mammut Mountain School instructors are highly qualified mountain professionals with a drive to inspire and educate all participants on our courses. Our activities are covered by a £10 million liability insurance, and industry leading safety systems.

Our team will select the most suitable venue for the course, hand picked from our vast experience. We try to remain flexible with our plans until we know what the weather holds in store for us.


  • All participants must arrange their own transport to and from the course location. Due to the active nature of our courses all participants must have a fitness level appropriate for what we will be doing. If you are unsure please contact the Mammut Mountain School HQ for more information.
  • In regards to the sizing of equipment we provide, please check the Mammut website for a sizing chart (look for the ‘find your size’ link when viewing the appropriate clothing type).
  • We do not have a weight limit. If you are concerned, please get in touch.


You will need the following equipment for two full days and a night in the mountains. Mammut Mountain School can provide all items highlighted with a * (e.g – *Walking boots), however if you would prefer to use your own equipment it is no problem at all.

  • *Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • *Mid layer top and trousers (fleece & windstopper)
  • Base layers/underwear
  • *Walking boots 
  • Two pairs of socks
  • *Insulated Jacket
  • Spare warm clothing
  • *Hat & Gloves
  • *Headtorch and spare batteries
  • *Rucksack – 50 litre or more
  • Wet wipes
  • Sun protection cream and sunglasses
  • Personal first aid kit with a pencil and notepaper & a snap glow stick
  • Basic toiletries – small toothbrush and paste, hygiene products
  • *Sleeping mat
  • *Sleeping bag
  • *Tent appropriate for wild camping in UK weather
  • Food and drink for the duration (2x lunch, 1x evening meal, 1x breakfast, a 1 or 2 litre water bottle/bladder & snacks)
  • *Stove to cook breakfasts and evening meal with a way to light it.
  • *Dry bags for your kit in a range of sizes – One to line your rucksack, and smaller ones for other kit in your rucksack
  • A couple of medium sized ziplock bags for rubbish
  • *Small digging trowel
  • *Map of the area
  • *Compass
  • Your mobile phone and a waterproof case or bag for it

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